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Far Brighter Than Gray

A beautiful bound artfully presented book with gorgeous plates covering a lifetime of vibrant paintings with a text to match: Meaningful history written with narrative drive adding to its all-around luster and reader appreciation.

Wonderful Spotlight!

With “Everything But Gray: The Life of Audley Dean Nicols,” Thomas Duke and Gayle Boss have done a great service to the art world by shining a spotlight on Nicols, an unfairly overlooked pioneer of southwestern desert-landscape painting. With over 60 full-color plates of his canvases and a short, deeply engaging monograph on the artist’s …

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Master painter of the West

A wonderful and needed addition to the literature on the desert painting of Audley Dean Nicols. "Everything but Gray" gives us an insight into the masterful work of one of our early desert painters.

Fun Historical Tidbits

The book not only includes a review of Nicols’s art, but news clippings and photographs of his time in the American southwest.