Audley Dean Nicols Gallery

When I saw my first Nicols painting 20 years ago, I immediately fell in love with it.
The colors, the atmosphere, the detail in the foreground and the distant Superstition Mountains—all were so beautifully done.

Thomas Duke, Collector

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The above gallery is a small sample of the extraordinary work by Audley Dean Nicols. The book Everything but Gray: The Life of Audley Dean Nicols presents a documented biography of the artist, along with the largest assemblage of Nicols’ work so far gathered in one place.

A successful illustrator, his drawings and paintings appeared in the day’s most popular magazines. This painting was commissioned by Collier’s and appeared on the cover of its May 1904 fiction issue with the title The Orchard.

When Nicols “heard a call in the desert,” his subject matter changed radically. But not his exquisite attention to detail and his ability to convey the subtlest color effects. From a lady’s fingernails and dress flounce, he turned his hand to the thorns of cacti; from the shimmering hues of flowering trees and rich fabric, he turned his eye to the shades light made on mesas and rock faces.

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painting of woman with book sitting in flowering tree
Untitled (detail),c a.1904. When displayed in El Paso, this painting was referred to as The Brown-eyed Lady. Collection of Kent Morrison

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